In-Person & Phone Reporting

Red telephone booth next to light pole with yellow leaves in upper left corner

UC Davis and UC ANR allows for reporting either in-person or by phone by any person (whether or not the complainant) about any of our any of our complaint typesYou are always welcome to call HDAPP to learn more about the process prior to reporting your concerns. For information about the process, we encourage you to review Understanding the Process and Policies & Procedures.

Here are instructions on how you can report in-person or by phone:

  • If you are interested in reporting concerns by phone, you are welcome to call our mainline (Davis: 530-747-3864 and Sacramento: 916-734-3417) during our business hours.
    • If no one is able to speak with you and/or you call after hours, please feel free to leave a message and an HDAPP representative will call you back.
  • If you are interested in reporting concerns in-person, we encourage you to call our mainline (Davis: 530-747-3864 and Sacramento: 916-734-3417) during business hours to schedule an appointment.
    • Please note we take in-person drop in appointments when our schedule permits. 
Due to the concerns with COVID-19, HDAPP will not be taking in-person appointments as of 3/16/2020. 
  • You can also email ( HDAPP to schedule a phone or in-person appointment.

For in-person or phone appointments, you are welcome to have a support person with you when making the report. If you are working with a CARE advocate, you have the option to have your appointment at the CARE office. 

Responsible Employees are permitted to report concerns in-person or by phone. Typically, Responsible Employees report by phone.