Who Can Help?

Sexual Harassment Advisors

The advisors are specially trained staff and faculty who have expertise in the UC Davis sexual harassment policy and complaint resolution. They can assist with early resolution and make referrals to other campus and community resources. They also have expertise and sensitivity in issues of gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Please call HDAPP for a referral, or check the printable list here.

Title IX, Lead Discrimination and Chief Compliance Officer

Wendi Delmendo: (530) 752-9466

Individuals may also report harassment, discrimination, bias, and sexual violence to the Chief Compliance Officer, who also serves as the UC Davis/UC Davis Health Title IX Officer and Lead Discrimination Officer.

Confidential Resources

Conversations with staff in certain units are not considered official reports of harassment or discrimination. You can speak openly  without giving up any control over your situation. These units will not report your concerns to anyone else, and they will not take action toward resolving your concerns without your consent.

  • Academic and Staff Assistance Program (staff/faculty)
    (530) 752-2727 (UC Davis Campus)
    (916) 734-2727 (UC Davis Health Campus)
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (students)
    (530) 752-0871
  • Ombuds Office (students/staff/faculty)
    (530) 219-6750
  • Center for Advocacy and Resources and Education (for sexual harassment and sexual violence concerns)
     (530) 752- 3299
  • Women's Resources and Research Center (for sexual harassment and sexual violence concerns)
    (530) 752-3372
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual Resources Center (for sexual harassment and sexual violence concerns)
    (530) 752- 2452 

For a printable list of confidential resources please click here.