Do I have to give names to report harassment or discrimination?

HDAPP offers an anonymous call line, A-CALL, at 530-747-3865 for concerns about harassment or discrimination. Individuals may call anonymously to give a general description of a situation, which allows them to discuss their options with HDAPP. If the caller chooses to share identifying information, HDAPP can take steps to address the issue. Depending on the circumstances, HDAPP may be limited in its ability to address a discrimination or harassment situation if a report is made anonymously.

What happens when I make a report?

We encourage early reporting of concerns or complaints because complaints are most effectively resolved at the earliest possible stage.  Generally, UCD has two main ways of handling harassment and discrimination reports:  Alternate Resolution and Formal Investigation.  Your report will be reviewed by HDAPP staff and, in some cases, they may consult with members of a small group called the Case Management Team to decide which process is more appropriate for your report. Most reports are handled through Early Resolution. The form of early resolution used will depend on the circumstances and may include education programs for particular individuals, separation of the parties, or job or housing reassignment. 

What if I just want the behavior to stop?

Most people who experience sexual harassment and discrimination simply want the unwelcome or offensive behavior to stop. HDAPP reviews the totality of the circumstances to determine the most appropriate way to respond to reports of harassment and discrimination. Most reports are handled through Early Resolution, which may involve education/training or redirection. HDAPP recognizes that sometimes individuals do not intend to engage in harassing or discriminatory behavior, and education and redirection can be very helpful in these instances. However, some situations warrant disciplinary action, in which case a formal investigation is the more likely response.  HDAPP assesses each situation on a case-by-case basis.

What records are kept about reports? If a report is made, does it go in someone’s personnel file?

HDAPP maintains confidential files and a confidential internal database for reports of harassment and discrimination.  These are completely separate from personnel files.

What’s the timeline for processing a report of harassment or discrimination?

HDAPP processes reports as expeditiously as possible, and many cases are resolved within a few weeks to a month. If a Formal Investigation is charged, the investigation is usually completed within 60 days from the date it begins.

How can HDAPP help?

HDAPP offers a variety of services to meet the needs of the UCD community.

  • Education

With its focus on prevention, HDAPP emphasizes education and provides training on harassment and discrimination to student groups, staff and faculty upon request. HDAPP also provides all necessary sexual harassment training to satisfy the California state training (AB 1825) for supervisors and faculty members. Call HDAPP today to schedule a workshop for your faculty, staff or students!  HDAPP also offers print and electronic materials.  You can see some examples here

  • Complaints & Consultation

HDAPP handles complaints of sexual harassment for students, staff and faculty and complaints of discrimination for staff. If you feel like you or someone you know may be experiencing harassment or discrimination or if you have questions or want to consult about a situation, please call HDAPP, and we’ll be happy to speak with you about your concerns and offer clarification, support and resources. HDAPP also provides Sexual Harassment Advisors, specially-trained staff and faculty from across the campus who have expertise in sexual harassment laws/policy and complaint resolution.  An Advisor can be a helpful first contact or can work with you throughout the complaint process.

  • A-CALL

As part of our consultation and support services, HDAPP offers an anonymous call line (530-747-3865). Any member of the UC Davis community can call this number anonymously to share concerns about sexual harassment and to discuss resources and options. Staff can also call this number to discuss concerns about discrimination anonymously.

  • Sex & the Cinema

As part of our outreach to students, HDAPP offers a free movie event each year during which a popular film involving sexuality or gender bias/discrimination issues is shown before its home release date. Past films have included Black Swan, MILK, Dan in Real Life and Precious. Check our website for updates on this year’s Sex & the Cinema event or like Sex & the Cinema on Facebook!