When you talk with a university official about a situation that may be sexual harassment, this person will probably have to call the Sexual Harassment Education Program to report and consult.

If you wish to discuss your situation openly and NOT have it officially reported please contact one of the Confidential Resources listed below.

When you call the Sexual Harassment Education Program or any of the Sexual Harassment Advisors, you have the option to remain anonymous as long as you do not reveal your identity or the identities of others involved in your particular situation.

Confidential Counseling

Academic and Staff Assistance Program (staff/faculty)
(530) 752-2727

Counseling and Psychological Services (students)
(530) 752-0871

Additional Confidential Resources (regarding discrimination and harassment)

Ombuds Office (staff/faculty/post-docs/students)
(530) 219-6750

Additional Confidential Resources (regarding sexual harassment only)
Women's Resources and Research Center (all)
(530) 752-3372

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual Resource Center (all)
(530) 752-2452

Campus Violence Prevention Program (all)
(530) 752-3299