Female faculty member speaking to a class

In a university setting, academics share institutional governance and are perceived to be powerful. Even if you do not directly supervise anyone, or possess a specific title or position, others in the university community may see you as an authority figure. Therefore, your words and actions may have a different impact than what you intend. Being mindful of this can improve the work and learning environment that you share with others.

Some academics are considered designated officials. If you are one, you have special responsibilities at UC Davis, including preventing  harassment and discrimination, receiving reports of harassment and discrimination, and consulting with HDAPP or UCDHS Sexual Harassment Officer (SHO) when you receive a report. You are also required by state law and UCD policy to take training to be sure you are able to fulfill these responsibilities. 

In addition, you are entitled to a work environment free of harassment and discrimination. For assistance, learn more about What can you do? and Who can help?